• Center for Esthetic Dentistry
    Pleasure of our patients is the best
    proof of our professionalism, and their
    smile is the guarantee of our success.


Center for esthetic dentistry Dent&CO was founded in 2011 by Dr Borjana Jejinić. It is located in the attractive location in the center of Srbac. The key determinants of the philosophy of the center are professionalism, knowledge, experience, work with the latest and the best quality equipment and materials, as well as the persistence in the fact that there isn’t an oral problem which isn’t fixable.

Besides excellent work on solving health issues on teeth and gums, has excelled as a leading center in our municipality and beyond, specialized in esthetic dentistry. That means that our team of experts, composed of best dentists, medical staff and prosthodontists, can ensure that every patient comes out of office with new, more beautiful, perfect smile – the one that instills confidence, and that is breath taking for other people.

Our team is composed of professional and experienced team of Doctors of Dental Medicine with highest recommendations, so that patients in every moment have top dentist service and the feeling of security and trust in the success, no matter what area of the dentistry is it about. Constant educations and advanced trainings put our team in the top of the dentistry.




We give you free examination and consultation about most convenient solutions for your problems, including accounting of given options. We guarantee maximum respect of your time, as well as of your privacy.

- ZOOM! Professional system of whitening
- Home teeth whitening (splint method)
- Whitening of non-vital teeth
- Composite fillings
- Composite veneers
- Ceramic veneers
- Ceramic fillings

- Installation of implants with substructure
- Bridges and braces on teeth implants – fixed bridge
- All-on-4
- Hybrid prosthesis on implants
- Cover denture on implants

- Production of metal ceramic crowns and bridges
- Production of ceramic crowns and bridges
- Production of combined prosthetics
- Total prosthesis
- Partial dental plates
- Partial skeletal prosthesis
- Temporary crowns and bridges
- Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges on implants
- Metal-free ceramic crowns and bridges on implants
- Composite build up
- Ceramic veneers

- Conservative therapy of periodontitis
- Curettage of periodontal pockets
- Surgical therapy
- Laser therapy

- Tooth extraction (pulling teeth)
- Surgical pulling teeth (complicated tooth extraction)
- Surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth
- Apicoectomy and cystectomy
- Frenectomy
- Plastic closure of oro-antral communications
- Circumcision (procedure of removing dental flesh above unerupted or partially erupted tooth)
- Pre-prosthetic surgery
- Orthognathic surgery
- Alveolitis treatment
- Gingivectomy

- Composite restoration (white filling)
- Restoration of treated teeth with composite build ups
- Endodontic therapy (teeth treatment)
- Drug aplication
- Removal of dental tartar and teeth polish
- Sandblaasting for teeth
- Treatment of periodontal pockets

- Motivation and training patients about maintaining oral hygiene
- Dental fluorosis
- Milk teeth extraction (pulling milk teeth)
- Teeth repair for children
- Covering pits and fissures
- Professional teeth cleaning
- Making splints and mouth guards

- Mobile orthodontic appliances
- Fixed orthodontic appliances
- Teeth straightening with nearly invisible braces - Invisalign

You smile is our greatest pleasure

“It is a great pleasure to greet and thank all of many years standing patients who give us their trust and with their recommendations affect the development of the Center for the esthetic dentistry Dent&CO. I would like to welcome new patients and to make them feel relaxed and safe with us.”



Besides professionalism and maximum care of health and beauty of teeth, we invest in our knowledge by following educational dentistry events in the region and in the world, as well. Center for esthetic dentistry Dent&CO presents a combination of professionalism and modern approach that enables patients contemporary procedures from all areas of dentistry with the use of diagnostics and materials that follow world’s standard.

We are Here

  • Address: Mome Vidovića 49, 78420 Srbac, BiH
  • Mobile: +387 65 614-841
  • Phone: +387 51 744-391
  • Email: borjana0401@gmail.com

Work Time

  • Monday - Friday - 08:00 do 16:00
  • Saturday - 09:00 do 14:00
  • Sunday - Non-working day